We move whatever moves you

Our goal is: tackling a task together, focused implementation and realization in order to achieve an excellent result at the end of the day. We support and advise you from the development and production of your suit- able machine, to the implementation and the on-site training of your employees. Furthermore, we support you in modifying or extending your existing plants.

We develop, produce & extend

  • Vacuum Lifters
  • Tubing Segment Grabbers
  • Tilting & Turning Stations up to 180°
  • Transporting Facilities
  • any Lifting & Transporting Facilities

Service by Professionals for Professionals

On the basis of your information and requirements or after having conducted meet- ings, we create drafts and feasibility studies which either serve as a basis for your fur- ther planning or the implementation of a plant to be manufactured.
In our company all production and assembly drawings are created and sent to you for approval. Due to short distances, we are still able to implement any change requests even during the production of your plant.
We produce vacuum lifters, shaft and tunnel segment grabbers - so called “tubbing grabbers” - for convex and concave use as well as tilting and turning stations up to 180°, thus, any kind of transport and lifting devices for indoor and outdoor use.

We take care of it

  • Priming & final coating
  • Customs clearance & transport
  • On-site commissioning
  • Training of your employees
  • Maintenance & annual inspection according to EN13155
  • Emergency service
  • Spare parts

Professional Quality & Occupational Safety

We manufacture according to the Machinery Directive EN 13155. It goes without saying that we are certi- fied according to EN 1090 by the DVS (German Association for Welding) in cooperation with the SLV (Center for Welding-Related Instruction and Experimentation) as well as certified according to SCC by the DEKRA.

Porathgruppe Zertifikate

Rubber Seals & Spare Parts

After our tests, all types of rubber seals are perfectly suited for vacuum suction devices produced by us or other manufacturers with a clamping profile of C 30 mm x 50 mm. If you haven’t found the right product yet, in cooperation with you, we will be happy to work out a special mixture or a rubber seal with other profiles to meet your needs.

Porathgruppe Hebetechnik Dichtgummi


-20°C to 60°C operating temperature, cellular rubber, soft, 1.400 mm individ- ual length, for smooth up to very rough surfaces without profiles



-40°C to 80°C operating temperature, cellular rubber, medium solid, 2.000 mm individual length, for smooth, rough and profiled surfaces with tread grooves/lozenge patterns

Porathgruppe Hebetechnik Dichtgummi


-40°C to 80°C operating temperature, cellular rubber, soft, 2,000 mm individ- ual length, for smooth exposed con- crete surfaces with tread grooves/loz- enge patterns.

Porathgruppe Hebetechnik Ersatzteile

spare parts

We deliver spare parts such as slewing rings, pumps, filters and valves at short notice. We are happy to arrange a suit- able package for you.

Special profiles and special products can be mixed and produced on customer request any time.

Interested? Contact us.

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